Few things in life are more challenging than the loss of a loved one. The loss can be a huge burden to overcome, but so too can the funeral. As a celebrant, it is my role in the funeral to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere. Death is always hard to accept, but when we re-frame loss in the image of celebration it can be easier to accept the loss and appreciate what you had, not mourn what is gone.
Today, the use of all-black funerals with a sombre, sad mood are a thing of the past. Today, people want to celebrate a life as opposed to mourn its loss. From re-creating their life story and lionising their triumphs to creating a mood of celebration throughout, I can help you to make a more optimistic end of life celebration.
My empathy for your loss is immeasurable, and I know exactly the stress and strain that you feel. However, I also know that today many people want to remember the life that was lived as opposed to mourn the life that has been lost. When a loved one has died, you need someone there who can help you to remember the positives as opposed to stay focused on the negatives.
You need someone who can be your guiding light to create an event that celebrates as opposed to mourns. I can be that individual. Working across the East Midlands area with funeral directors, I can make sure that you get the right kind of mood and celebration.
While no funeral can truly be a party atmosphere, we do all that we can to make sure the mood is lightened, and we can celebrate the life that was lived together. Reach out today for any insight and information you might need on funerals.

Tina Floyd celebrant